Our ethos

Zig & Zag Early Learning is a family-owned and managed child care centre in Botany which provides a fun, caring and homely environment for your little one.

Our centre has educators that are highly motivated, professional and qualified to care for each child. Zig & Zag continuously evolve their service to ensure the centre is delivering the highest standard of care.

Leah Micallef has a passion for early childhood development, founding Zig & Zag in 2010 with a like minded team of qualified and caring teachers. Leah and the team value building good positive working relationships with parents to work together to give your child the greatest possible learning experience and start to life.

The team

Our highly motivated team of educators provide meanigful and engaging lessons relating to all aspects of your child’s life. Our staff have developed positive relations with families, ensuring honesty approachability and a genuine interest in each child’s well-being.

Learning centre

Childhood is an important time to learn and discover. We embrace the national Early Years Learning Framework for early childhood educators: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We aim to extend and enrich your child’s abilities by adopting the framework as part of our daily philosophy.


Three meals supplied by Hearty Health.

Hearty Health only employs qualified Chefs to prepare all meals, and is a member of Nutrition Australia ensuring at least 50% of a child’s daily RDI is met. Hearty Health provides a four week cycle menu that changes seasonally. No nuts or pork or their by products are used in any meal preparation.
See sample menu attached here.

Our educators

Leah Micallef

Centre Approved Provider







National Quality Framework Ratings Chart
   Overall Rating: Meeting NQS
National quality standard

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars

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